Mirainesia - Eco Plate made by agro waste
Mirainesia - Bamboo Cup made by Sulawesi Bamboo
Mirainesia - Coconuts Bowl made by Cranium

Take Action for Sustainable Local Future

Mirainesia is a social startup created by Indonesian Madi and Japanese Yutaka. The encounter between the two-man began when Yutaka joined a volunteer as an English Teacher in Madi's local Belopa, South Sulawesi. Growing up in an economically rich country in Japan, Yutaka was fascinated by the natural beauty of the Indonesian countryside and the kindness of the people. On the other hand, He noticed various local problems such as education, environment, working opportunities, and economy.

Madi is a teacher who teaches English to locals in a small village, he is an also creator who makes anything from a natural resource such like a banana leaf, cray, trash, etc, and also has the leadership to solve some social issues. The two-man met in a volunteer program and decided to made Mirainesia together.

The name Mirainesia is the name given to Mirai, which represents the future of the Japanese word, multiplied by Indonesia. We want to solve local problems in Indonesia and create the future of Indonesia through the services and activities we provide.

Keep Our Beautiful Nature

One of the four Greater Sunda Islands, and the world's eleventh-largest island. Our local Luwu in the countryside of south Sulawesi, there are beautiful nature and innocent children in here, however, this beautiful nature is getting collapse now. Actually, it's destroyed by people to throw the garbage. It is so sad that people destroy their own environment.

We are creating an eco-friendly product from natural resources like coconuts, leaf, wood, banana and bamboo, and replace plastic product from the market. We are trying to make sustainable business and educate the people to keep this beautiful nature for our future.

Keep Our Beautiful Nature
Keep Our Beautiful Nature
Keep Our Beautiful Nature

Create Jobs in Local Area

In local of Indonesia, most of the people work as a farmer, and the big problem is they don't have any job opportunity and facing the financial issue. Even though the incomes of local people don't increase, infrastructure costs such as water, electricity and other living expenses, food, school fee are increasing year by year. As a result, people in the Belopa leave their local area and move to cities such as Makassar and Jakarta for work.

We want to give local people work opportunities through our business and want them to show local hopes. For that purpose, we want to challenge local sustainable businesses, give dreams and hope to many people, and create new challengers.

Mirainesia Create Jobs in Local Area
Mirainesia Create Jobs in Local Area
Mirainesia Create Jobs in Local Area

Solve Local Education Problem

To our surprise, there are a lot of children not going to school in this area. Some of them have children who want to go to school but their parents don't aware of the importance of school and they are not allowed to go to school. There are children who cannot go to school because they are busy helping with farming at home.

We believe in the importance of education and want to maximize the potential of our children through education and expand the possibilities to the unknown future.

At MIRAINESIA, we raise funds through crowdfunding and set up a small school where we teach English and Environment to children in Belopa, Sulawesi. Volunteer teachers from around the world visit our school and communicate with local students. Our students will be able to speak simple English in about two months, and will be able to learn much information from around the world via the Internet, and will be able to interact with people from all over the world from the small local village.

Mirainesia Solve Local Education Problem
Mirainesia Solve Local Education Problem

Eco Plate

Made by Agro Waste. Disposable Bio Plate instead of plastic product.

Mirainesia - Eco Plate

So many fallen leaf of palm trees are wasting in Sulawesi. It is a treasure for us.

Press the leaf trash using the machine to transform it to Eco Plate.

Clean up and disinfection the Eco Plate. We have several types of shape.

The Eco Plate is ready to use. Our eco plate is disposable, you can use it anywhere.

Bamboo Cup

Made by Sulawesi Bamboo. Express calm color and design.

Mirainesia - Bamboo Cup

So many bamboos are produced in Sulawesi and we have a partner in anywhere.

We cut the bamboo with a knife to appropriate size for our bamboo cup.

Clean up the bamboo and scratch the inside and outside, until the bamboo transforms into a Bamboo Cup.

Finish attaching the handle. Enjoy your coffee, tea, juice with our Bamboo Cup.

Coconuts Bowl

Made by Coconuts Cranium. Tropical style bowl anywhere.

Mirainesia - Coconuts Bowl

So many coconut trees are produced in Sulawesi and we can pick up the fruits in anywhere.

The coconut is used for juice, oil, etc. But the shells will be just trash to be burned in the end.

But, Voila! We transform that trash into something useful. We cut the shell and scratch it using sandpaper until become a coconut bowl.

The Bowl is ready to use for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Enjoy your meal with our tropical bowl.

Who We Are

We started MIRAINESIA, believing that even only two-man can make a big social impact.

Mirainesia CEO & Co-Founder - Ahmadi Abbas Lontara

Ahmadi Abbas Lontara CEO & Co-Founder

Ahmadi Abbas, Madi is Indonesian who lives in local area Belopa, South Sulawesi. Since he is in a local area, he saw many issues like the environment, education, etc.

He is teaching English to expand the potential of local people. Also, he is also a creative artist to make a creative eco-product in MIRAINESIA. He has 100 friends in 100 countries and he has charisma trusted by people in the local village.

Mirainesia Advisor & Co-Founder - Yutaka Tokunaga

Yutaka Tokunaga Advisor & Co-Founder

Yutaka Tokunaga is Japanese who work in Indonesia since 2014 as CEO of PT. Timedoor Indonesia. He is an expert in IT and Business. After coming to Indonesia, He realized the gap between the city area and country area, and he decided to solve some local issue. After he met with Madi, he starts MIRAINESIA and invests in English school, some machine for production. He advises business, marketing and IT in order to make this project a sustainable ecosystem.

Contact Us

Belopa, Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi 91994